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Vietnam web design company specializing in SEO web design on demand as well as supply of services relating to website . Every great business idea with the launch of a website designed professionally and effectively . Internet has redefined the way business , your website is the gateway to access business opportunities and turn business opportunities into profitable website .

Website of the customer not only eye-catching , fast loading , meet customer needs , user -friendly but also friendly to Google , Yahoo , Bing ( the popular search engines today ) to website is always a high position on search engines . The website will promote more simple if you website is programmed with the search engine -friendly from the start . With the development of talented engineers , professionals, Vietnam SEO will design for you a website with everything you need to harness the strengths of the internet , making the reader interested in learning more about :

Service company customers .
Helps you identify customers .
Create the form and feel according to the specific needs of the customer .
Make the site are always lively and eye-catching access .

We are proud to have designed unique web sites , working closely with our customers from start to finish. And if you are still wondering chosen not know how , we will advise and offer expert advice .

Website You are full of elements :

- User friendly interface for users.
- The interface is compatible with all PCs , mobile phones , tablets ... and with all the browser program .
- Optimize your site for on page SEO .
- You can use keyword advertising services on Google and Yahoo in the Vietnam market .
- Is google analytic functions ( statistical tools traffic and evaluate user behavior on the web ) .
- Suitable for use services online brand management ( ORM ) .
- Support Architecture website optimization on search engines ( SEO ) .
- The structure is designed website for future expansion .
- Decentralized management and webmasters .
- Make sure the number of visitors and large concurrency .
- Support utilities help users easily print , share information with friends and recorded the responses .
- Using the most advanced technology .
- Links ( URLs ) friendly .
- Online editor to format the website content .
- Enables load documents onto the website .
- Development HTML interface displays correctly on the popular browsers ( IE7 + , Firefox 3 + , Safari 4 + , Chrome ) .
- Ensure display correctly on operating systems : Windows , MacOS , Linux , ...

SEO web design for business help ?
On the 80 % of visitors to the business website through search engines ( Google , Yahoo ... ) in that Google accounted for 85 % . Especially in Vietnam up to 89 % , a figure that is attractive for businesses , sell , promote products online . Because vaythiet SEO website design will optimize for search engines and help businesses achieve the following results :

- Enhance your business or company's image online .
- As an online gateway exchanges between enterprises and customers .
- Increase online traffic , increase sales revenue .
- Optimize your keyword for services , business products , helping achieve keyword rankings on Google .

The SEO website design criteria are required :

Beautiful interface , professional .
Compelling content , clearly presented , easy to read , easy to understand .
Streamlined layout for easy user navigation .
Design -friendly search engine ( Google , Yahoo ... ) .
Links to social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus ...
Easy administration .

Web Design Cheap SEO Professional Standards

Why Vietnam SEO to help you design websites ?

Your website will be installed with search engine friendly bots ( search engines ) to search for potential customers of the customer from the internet .

Your data will be encrypted to avoid data loss from hosting administrator or hacker ( prevention case you buy rival of customer information from a customer 's hosting administrator ) .
The source code of the website you will be encrypted to prevent hackers or hosting manager 's appropriation to a website similar versions .
The site received data will be installed code base against hackers spam protection information , subsequent requests to the server as the server congested .
Website of our customers will be maintained indefinitely to ensure that you are satisfied with the website and the website brings real benefits to customers .
Website You will be fitted free functions such as monitoring customers to our website where you ( visitor tracking ) , time tracking , ip , host of the admin login on website administrator ( admin logs - to admin account for the loss of directional processing time ) .

So how to design a cheap website really bring quality and efficiency to the enterprise ? The question is not simple to answer this question , let's make a comparison :

Step 1 : Define what we need . That is the first step .

Step 2 : Then we have to look for is the " architect " , the " construction worker " can afford to do according to your requirements , as well as to estimate how much investment is required for the " construction build " the future . You have to find people who have the ability to implement your ideas and sign the contract , which is the second step .

Step 3 : Working with website designers cheap . Please provide full information as required by the " architect " , more information , more pictures , more opportunities to find unique creative ideas . You may be very hard in this period , but there is no other way . You're clearly understand your business most .

Step 4 : Your work has been completed , you should put it on the network , also known as Hosting and conducting advertising , referrals. Like after so opening a store , no ads , no customer will introduce transaction , buying and selling . At least then you must also register the name and address of the " store " in the " search window " , the " catalog " of products and services . In the world we call the Internet search engines like Yahoo , Google , Altavista etc. . This is a crucial stage and can not be ignored . If you do not do this well , the entire effort for three stages before it can be said is wasted .

Step 5 . The above work is done, come here , we can say the role of the " builder " has ended . Your website has been developed or not , have to keep living or not is up to you . If you stay up to date , innovative information , launched the promotional campaign , there are unique methods of marketing , your website will be effective . This is the stable phase and most interesting .

Step 6 . Be prepared for changes in the future , information technology grows very fast , what seemed impossible when you 're designing websites , a few months or a few years later became a reality. Do not be satisfied with what is already there .
Website Design Process

The two sides signed the contract . You pay 30 % immediately after the contract is signed (phase I) .
You will send company information , logo , product images email us . If the file size is too big , our staff will come to our office to receive you .
We will demo website for customer interface .
Update and modify the interface of the customer request .
After you agree to our website interface , we will carry out the function of website programming .
Updated website features requested by customers .
After you agree to the website functions , the two sides will conduct acceptance test .
You pay us 70 % of the remaining contract value (phase II ) .
We're one of the customers website to the hosting , maintenance as required by the customer.

Our site do not rely on flash or intensive custom designed for our goal is to help you save money but still bring business efficiency . There is a flash website or webpage $ 10,000 is completely useless if it is not designed to pull traffic insertion and bring business and enhance competitiveness for businesses

Today building a website is important work that became the first focus of each business plan . If you are building ideas , web design & develop a website to promote & build names for businesses , organizations or individuals themselves ; Please contact us for advice web design & provide the best SEO services .

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