Google Penguin Chat about 2 weeks after birth, restoring and negative SEO

Has been about 2 weeks since Google launched Penguin Update algorithm . Google delighted that this new anti-spam algorithm is completed as planned . But there are a few things damage caused by this algorithm is also considering how to fix it and still concerns about Negative SEO - SEO negative as a threat . I met Matt Cutt , head of Google's Webspam group to discuss this issue and come up with a number of related questions .

Google Penguin update

Penguin : " a success "

The goal of any algorithm update is to improve search results . So , Penguin was how to improve Google ?

"In our opinion , this is a success " - says Matt Cutt

And what is abnormal , why ?

Sure Peguin immediately after birth , it was quickly cited examples of redundancy results . For example, the official Viagra site is not listed in the other sites hacked again listed . A blank page is listed website aimed at " making money online " , and many other blank pages rank high . The contents page copy - Scraper sites are reported to be exceeding the rankings than copying equipment .

So successful Penguin how these types of cases when this happens ?

Matt Cutt said that many had problems before birth Penguin and these problems are not due to anti- spam algorithms this new cause .

In fact , the issue of Viagra is now a problem is determined before birth Penguin . Thus , Penguin did not cause this problem .

But the false positive in a few situations ?

The false positive in case it was found that their site was Penguin algorithm misspell when they do not spam ?

Matt Cutt said: " We have looked at a few situations need further investigation , but this change may not impact as Panda algorithm or Florida "

Google Panda algorithm update with the purpose of eliminating spam content , copy content , eliminating the poorly branded website last year . Florida algorithms is a critical update of Google in 2003 to improve search quality .

I agree that both algorithms seem to have an impact on many more pages Penguin algorithm . I offer this perspective is based on monitoring the response to all of these updates . Certainly not everyone will agree with me . This is often as a reminder that any page that dropped out of the goods other pages devoted rankings . You rarely hear this from those who take the rankings .

The key point here is that Google seems to believe that Penguin algorithm actually catch spammers in accordance with Google's intentions .

Why is Spam " conceded "

Certainly when I look at the reports , I often see spam is the core cause of someone being relegated . But if effective algorithm Penguin a few pages why obviously still slip through spam ?

" No algorithm is perfect . When we want perfection , the test method is our ' what to do better than the previous results ' " - Matt Cutt said so .

Matt Cutt also explained that Penguin algorithm is designed entirely accurate . It works against the sticky pages spam.Tuy clinging to some spam can still get through but the positive side of it , you have a number of false positives .
You can restore somehow ?

One of the difficulties with this update is to tell people how to restore . Do any of these sites have been hit Penguin is believed to spam Google .

In the past , if you spam Google , people say that you have saved complaint Reconsideration request form . However, Google has made it clear that the reconsideration request complaint forms unhelpful shrug equipped for hitting Penguin algorithm . Google also said it would ask themselves if they wipe restore spam .

However, one of the main reasons I noticed while watching the Penguin equipped algorithm could be hit by this site are making a bad connection . People are free to use WordPress themes ( WordPress is an open source software for free that anyone can use to build a website or blog ) or use the mutual connection of poor quality , buy links or participate in the network as the network connection is against Google recently .

So people can get rid of network connections like, if they do not have the control with this link now?

" There can wipe the link " Matt Cutt says so and make suggestions that people should reconsider two videos he made on this subject :

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