Google will penalize websites' SEO overdose "

With the aim of " creating a level playing field " for the website with good content but " do not know SEO " experts in the Google search field is quietly building a mechanism for " fine " for the website apply too many SEO tricks .

Speaking during a talk with Danny Sullivan - Editor in Chief of Search Engine Land Website and marketing senior director of Bing ( Microsoft ) , expert in SEO and search quality , Google's Matt Cutts said she 's largest search engine world are preparing to apply different penalties for too many websites to apply the techniques , tips " optimize content for search engines - SEO " in the period the past few months .

Time penalties apply this mechanism is Google expected in early April or at the latest to be just " a few weeks " . " Our goal and rebalance the game and create content for the website to have a better ranking than the website has poor content but are currently being " pushed up too high " by applying techniques technical SEO " expert Matt Cutts said .

According to Matt Cutts revealed , Google is upgraded , improved to put GoogleBot become more intelligent , providing more relevant search results more accurately and quickly discovered the website " SEO overdose " such as trying to put too many keywords ( keywords ) to the page , link exchange too much ...

However, a spokesperson for Google has no comments yet on this issue .

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization ( optimizing search engines ) . SEO is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in the results pages of search engines and can be regarded as a tactical marketing through search engines . The goal of SEO is mainly aimed at improving the ranking of search listings for free under certain keywords in order to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to the site .

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