SEO Guide article

For websites with high rankings for keywords , the keywords must appear in all components of the site include:

Title Tags : The title tag
Meta Description Tags : The description tag
Heading Tags : small header card
Image : Photo
URL : Link
Internal Links: internal links in web pages

1 . Title tags :

It is always extremely important factor in SEO . Subject always associated with keywords and article content . Subject enough and not too long , in the range of 60-67 characters .

2 . Description Meta Tags : This is a description of the article content based on title . This card is always used less than 180 characters . It does not have much effect with the search engines , but work to attract users .

3 . Heading Tags : The H1 , H2 , .. to H6 .

The bigger the font , the more important content should contain keywords . In particular , H1 has the largest font . Then the H2 , H3 , H4 , H5 , H6 , and bold . In the article content is usually 1 H1 , H2 and H3 .
Headline is the first line of the article should put in the H1 tag .
Indeed, H1 is the most important , it helps to understand BOT 're emphasizing what the title is . And also draw attention to the reader .
According to current trends , the SEOer hardly use the card H4 , H5 , H6 . Most of them do not even make much sense .

4 . Image : should note that the article must contain at least one image to increase vivid content articles , and also take advantage of image alt factor in SEO . These factors need to make one image is :

Filename must contain the keyword, article title
Alt Image : This card makes sense for search engines , the keywords , article titles
Image Title : For the user , containing keywords , article titles .
Length of Alt Image or Image Title , not too long , like Title tags should be less than 67 characters .

5 . URLs: URL to a user -friendly , not too long ( under 90 characters ) . Link has always been limited to static link the user . 6 . Internal Links: The internal links within the page . It helps us to link to the same article to different topics . Just to help readers understand the article easily , and page navigation BOT will do so.

7 . Tags : This card is very important now , help expand the list that we do not have . For example with this article can be tags is : " Content Optimization , SEO content , articles Optimization , SEO article ... " ... One important thing is that when the article was published, you should share it in popular social networks like Facebook , G+ , Linked , Pinterest .. I wish you success !

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