Online Marketing on facebook

With 845 million users , Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool for the brand , and is the first playground for businesses to promote their products to consumers dung.Do there are a few little things and simple you can do for your brand on Facebook also means that a number of online marketing tactics on Facebook are used as the major brands in the world ever used .


This will develop your relationships with friends , partners and positioning for your company . Your information will put you interact with people in a note ( notes ) , if more local businesses phuong.Mot a few other aspects of an individual page :

Avatar : Always giving you something very special meaning is to take a picture of you like the best avatar . Do not listen to anything they say , a book or where only evaluated at the cover of it . I went to MAC makeup 's site and find it really attractive with colors on his face. Hundreds of people will not have the spare time to decide whether to add ( add ) you or not based on the image on your avatar . So let's give them a right decision .

online marketing on Facebook

Making friends : After you have created a personal page , do not wait for anything. Showing you every day and that will let them know that you are there on Facebook . After you have known, you will start your day by agreeing to the friend request ! Of course , make sure that you are not exceeding the number of friends allowed ( 25 -30/ngay ) . Surpassing that figure , you get to be spam , Facebook will send a warning message if you do not comply then your site will be deleted .

online marketing on facebook 1

Wall : This is the main component to interact with users on Facebook . Update message on your wall and at the same time respond to comments of members , full and do not digress . Another commented on my status on a coffee product . And that ! A connection is built in a few seconds ! I already know and I will visit often . Of course , you should make sure you are not spam people or they can delete your name in your friends list .

Photo Albums and Videos : Photos and Videos is a good way to introduce new products to your best . I know many people would love to see behind the scenes ( Behind the scenes ) in the photographic process where the cook time or performing in the kitchen cooking . Anyway , first thing users see or think about the most is the last photo . So make sure to hold your camera and start taking pictures only!

online marketing on Facebook 2


Facebook Pages , known as the site for the fans ( this sort of ) , is designed for businesses , brands , companies , all kinds of products and celebrities . It allows the units and organizations operate openly on Facebok . You can encourage users to click " LIKE " your page and share information with them by posting pictures , movies , news / status daily , created discussions and displays them on the wall . Unlike a personal page , fanpage will show everyone on the internet and generally will be a long-term relationship with your fans , people who only read the information or your customers .

online marketing on Facebook 3


Facebook group ( Facebook Group) suitable for everyone around them closer together and express certain views that they see . One of the best features of Facebook Group is able to send messages directly to members in your inbox . It is a great way to exchange and make your brand better . As of now , it is still a necessity for the film to establish its picture on facebook after release stage so people can watch the movie right here . One good thing here is that you can send invitations to your friends while on personal pages , you do this manually ( send one by one ) . Generally, the Group is a good choice for quick discussion and attract attention .


Who says size is not important ? Using a large representative picture is the best way to "brand " your Facebook page . Facebook accepts the avatar image maximum size is 200px (width ) x600px ( high ) . According to this , you will really stand out in the crowd. See the facebook page of Bob Marley or Johnny Deep and you will know what I 'm talking about .

CHECK fans ( TAG ) :

You can mark your fans in the new picture selection , or ask them to order just marked themselves as part of a game ( Picture a crowd ) . Musician Lenny Kravitz uploaded pictures in concert in Italy in 2009 and has been telling people marking their self in the picture . In this way , his picture appeared evident on every wall of fans .

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